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Ryan Fox is a talented golfer from New Zealand known for his powerful swing and competitive spirit.

With impressive achievements on the international stage, he showcases precision and finesse on the course. Off the greens, Ryan embodies sportsmanship and is admired for his humility and community involvement.

He continues to inspire golf enthusiasts worldwide with his dedication and remarkable talent.


This powerhouse from New Zealand grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face. Capturing the attention of the kiting world from the moment he hit the scene, his style is strong, dynamic and composed.

Marc’s personality is unique. Outwardly quiet, he has a constant need to spill energy through off the cuff backflips and short bursts of activity. His glowing freestyle career has lead him to shift his focus to big air riding and boundless freeriding.

Marc top Achievements is 2x Vice world champion along with winning the RedBull King of the air in 2021.

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